Bolsas para Proteínas de Suero

Attracting customers is definitely the first step to getting sales. So the role of the external appearance of the product becomes as crucial as the quality of the product. Protein and other supplements have now replaced other methods and components of exercise regimens, and it appears to be a rapidly growing market.

Our specialty:

Swiss Pack has been in the packaging business for the last three decades. From its inception in 1980 to the present, the company has been serving its customer base spread across the globe. We offer whey protein pouches in our whey protein powder packaging section. Whey protein packaging is manufactured by us with the following characteristics:

  • The bags are made according to the demand, of the product that is going to be stored in the bags or particular characteristics that the client requires. Our whey protein bags take care of the characteristics and attributes of your protein powders.
  • Powder containers can be printed or unprinted, depending on your requirements. Your print can also be multicolored if you wish. The design of the outer face of the protein powder packaging bags should be sent to us.
  • Additionally, we take care of the moisture factor while choosing the design and raw material to make the whey protein bags. The bags to pack protein powder can have zipper or without zipper, everything to adjust to the needs of price and other characteristics required by the client. However, the safety of the packaged product is the most important thing for us in any circumstance.
  • We fulfill orders whether large or small quantities. We handle all orders with the same care and sincerity.
  • Swiss Pack is a socially responsible company and our product range reflects this. Each manufacturing process minimizes damage in the production process of our bags. Our protein powder bags are flexible, resealable and waterproof, giving our customers the maximum return on their investment when purchasing these bags.
  • We help our customer base by providing details on the sizes and volumes that can be stored in the respective sizes. This reduces user confusion and allows them to make decisions more accurately and in less time.

Swiss Pack con su talentoso grupo de profesionales puede ofrecer casi todos los productos para embalaje conocidos en la industria. Hemos estado en este negocio desde hace bastante tiempo y hemos diversificado diferentes secciones para satisfacer la demanda de nuestra gran base de clientes. El diseño de su bolsa y otros detalles pueden ser enviados a nosotros por correo electrónico y nos aseguramos de que los mejores servicios de mensajería entreguen nuestros productos en su puerta en el menor tiempo posible. Los empaques para proteínas en polvo se han convertido en nuestra última especialidad. Acérquese a nosotros y experiméntelo usted mismo.